Montreal, QC

Daniela Amyot

Its Funny Howww is run by Daniela, a digital artist from Montreal, Canada. As an artist, she is deeply inspired by the beauty and serenity of nature, and loves to capture the peaceful and calming energy of landscapes, plants, and women in her art. Whether it's a serene scene of a quiet desert, a delicate floral still life, or a powerful portrait of a woman, her art is always infused with warmth, positivity, and a sense of tranquility.


Daniela's Puzzle

Toronto, ON

Nicolle Lalonde

Nicolle is an illustrator and nature lover who loves the simple magic of bringing a piece of art work to life. A life long creative, she enjoys bringing ideas and dreams to life through line, shape and colour, and loves the way that illustration can tell a story. A graduate of OCAD University, she lives and works in Toronto, bringing a love of traditional art together with more modern inspirations like graphic novels and animation. Inspired by nature, city life and all things cozy, she hopes to bring a little bit of charm and warmth to the every day.


Nicolle's Puzzle

New Westminster, BC

Ginger Deverell

Ginger Deverell is a surface designer and illustrator known for her enchanted and delicately-wild style and soft dreamy colour palettes. She makes art for fabric, stationery, gifts and greeting cards to carry you into beautiful and whimsical imaginary places. Her inspiration comes from flora and fauna, bohemian and vintage aesthetics, Eastern cultures and childlike wonder. She works from her cozy attic studio in her early 1900's home in New Westminster—on the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada.


Ginger's Puzzle
Anja Jane | Bowen Island artist & painter for Villager Puzzles Salt Spring Island Swim

Bowen Island, BC

Anja Jane

As an artist and green witch, Anja has transformed her profound connection to Mother Nature into intricately designed prints, stationery, and home goods. Her folksy whimsical illustrations are inspired by her Norwegian and Polish heritage. Being kind to the environment is integral; Anja is dedicated to using her art as a tool to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of nature and become involved in protecting our planet.


Anja's Puzzle
Capri Sadler | Vancouver Island artist & illustrator for Villager Puzzles Vancouver Sunset

Vancouver Island, BC

Capri Sadler

Capri started digital art about four years ago when she was traveling in a van through Australia. She had always been a painter but didn’t have the space anymore, so an iPad was the perfect option! She started by drawing posters of the places she was traveling and selling them at local markets. When she moved back home, she started drawing the places she loved on Vancouver Island. Creating posters has now become a full-time job.

Capri's Puzzle
Jess Capeling | Calgary artists & illustrator for Villager puzzles Boho Living

Calgary, AB

Jess Capeling

Jess is the owner and creator behind Jess' Paper Co. She is deeply inspired by the outdoors, cozy boho spaces, and the enchanting beauty of plants. Capturing the essence of these elements that inspire her most, turning them into digital illustrations and stationery items for you to enjoy! She is currently living in Calgary, AB after spending years travelling Canada in her self converted sprinter van.


Jess' Puzzle
Kourtni Gunn | British Columbia artist & illustrator for Villager puzzle Mushroom Forager

Aldergrove, BC

Kourtni Gunn

Kourtni is an artist, surface pattern designer and a busy mom of three. She has been creative and artistic her whole life, and over the past few years found a passion for digital art and surface pattern design. She is inspired every time she walks outside and is constantly taking photos of plants, mushrooms and flowers for inspiration. Seeing her art on a puzzle has been a major dream of hers, and she even created her Mushroom Forager illustration specifically for a puzzle!

Kourtni's Puzzles